First official devlog introducing my first game!

Episode 1 - Four friends ring-in the 420 holiday

Teaser 0.1.2 - 06 Nov 2019

Teaser 0.1.4 - 09 Nov 2019 -  Adds the next scene after 0.1.2 cuts off.


CANNA-BUS by IMITATE FIRE is (you guessed it!) a cannabis fueled romp. Loosely based on a true story with an award under its belt, this comedic visual novel creates history in its trail.

- Branching narrative
- Dizzying decisions
- Multiple protagonist

What about it...
A long time ago, in a magical forest not so far away. The "Cannabis Trail" was created, and spread the word of "420". Today, four friends embark on a quest after discovering the final destination of the "Canna-Bus".


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Nov 10, 2019

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