CANNA-BUS release

Follow 4 protagonists and celebrate 420 in a city on lockdown - where local dealers adapt to legalization, and good times never stop rolling. With a chock-full of zany supporting characters and kooky decisions. This comedic work of THC puts a spin on untold history.

Bewilderingly based on an award winning screenplay from 10 years ago, this stoner slice-of-life was far ahead of its time (whoa man), and has even been modernized to suit the pandemic narrative. Experience the visual novel that was meant to be a movie. With photorealistic cinematic art, several music tracks, and branching paths, you’ll feel like a director in self-isolation!

Grab your personal stash, and unwind in a world of chaos – with CANNA-BUS.


CANNA-BUS full game for PC & LINUX 833 MB
66 days ago

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